How To Stop Home Hot Tubs and Spas from Freezing This Winter

Hot tubs and spas are among the ultimate relaxation activities. While a hot tub that’s well put together can last more than 20 years, proper care is essential if you want to keep the relaxation flowing. Especially when your hot tub lives outside through winter.

In science class, we once learned that hot and cold temperatures cause expansion and contraction. Which was a great theory to think about in elementary school, but not so great when the physical effects of this theory have wreaked havoc on your hot tub. That’s an expensive lesson!

In 2014, an estimated 21 million U.S. homes had some manner of spa, hot tub, or pool. We can guarantee that most of them were located outside and that many had to weather some fairly intense wintry temperatures. Freezing damage in the winter time is one of the most common hot tub service and maintenance issues. To avoid unwarranted winter damage to your hot tubs and spas, heed these helpful hints.

Up Your Cover Game

A lot of freezing damage and wasted energy comes from having a hot tub cover that seals poorly. If heat isn’t properly trapped, the temperature controls will constantly adjust to warm the winter air leaking in. This can damage your equipment and spike your electric bill, neither of which we wish upon you.

Watch Your Temp And Water Level

It’s no secret that it takes hotter water to freeze. If there’s more of it, even better! The electronics can finicky on hot tubs in cold weather, so keep your eye on the tub. See if the temperature controls are remaining consistent and make sure the water level is high and hot enough to keep from a fast freeze.

Winterize If You Must

This is a last resort option. Generally, it’s not recommended to winterize your hot tubs and spas unless they’ll be in extreme cold and unused for months on end. It consists of draining the tub itself, then clearing all lines of water to avoid damage and breaking from freezing. While it’s not an overly complicated process, doing it wrong can be a costly mistake and professional help can certainly be employed.

Winter time hot tub care boils down to paying attention and some simple maintenance. We love a relaxing soak as much as you do, so as the temps get colder, keep your oasis safe from winter’s winds. Soak on, spa lovers!

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