How Building Momentum is Supporting Imagination and Playtime for School-aged Kids

Throughout the pandemic, families everywhere have had to make changes to the way they do everyday things. With distance learning and stay-at-home-orders, many children have missed out on the opportunity to truly play. While it may not seem that important to adults, imaginative play teaches kids important skills – such as how to regulate their emotions and solve problems. These are beneficial skills they will use throughout their lives. 

This year, Building Momentum helped Chloe Varelidi with the use of their laser cutters to create her Follies Play Kit. This brightly colored building toy allows children to build their own play space. The large pieces connect together to create unique structures that kids can easily make adjustments to or create new structures. The pieces are constructed from the same material as indoor playgrounds ensuring a sturdy toy that will last for years to come.  

In addition to providing kids a toy to play with both indoors and out, the Follies Play Kit encourages kids to develop math, engineering, spatial and tactile skills. Supported by the National Science Foundation and educators everywhere, learning STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math) helps children develop important language and problem-solving skills. Playing with toys like the Follies Play Kit helps kids learn through self-discovery.   

Educators understand the importance of STEM learning which is why many encourage students to continue practicing STEM skills while remote learning from home. Unfortunately, many courses in the STEM fields require students to physically touch and feel materials within the lesson. This simply isn’t possible through a computer screen or tablet. This is why STEM toys and activities are so critical. 

Toys like the Follies Play Kit allow kids to become architects, designers and builders. When the structure falls apart or doesn’t stand up straight, they learn they must adjust and rebuild. This helps build self-confidence and encourages learning while also stimulating and encouraging children to manage strong emotions like frustration and anger.

Playing with STEM toys at an early age can spark an interest in the STEM subjects. Toys can foster interests that may one day become a hobby or even a career. 

Bringing Toys to Life

Local to the DC Metro Area, Building Momentum encourages and supports innovators like Chloe Varelidi by providing a variety of prototyping services and solutions designed to help jump start projects. Their team of skilled professionals understands the importance and urgency of getting great ideas off the drawing board and into production. They also understand the importance of play and the STEM subjects, especially during distance learning. 

Please contact us for information about our prototyping services. 

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