How Telehealth Has Benefitted Senior Living Communities

Michael Delano thumbnail Michael Delano | September 30, 2021

Senior Living Communities house the country’s largest population of people with chronic health conditions. With more elderly patients seeking care, families will have to make difficult decisions when figuring out how to best care for their loved one. Mobility issues, weakened immune systems discouraging travel, and lack of transportation all contribute to a historically underserved subset of the population. This is where having a reliable telehealth solution can benefit Senior Living Communities.

Telehealth Benefits Senior Living Communities By:

  • Reduce hospital readmission
  • Families can virtually participate
  • Reduce the burden of travel
  • Reduce unnecessary hospital visits
  • Reduction of at-home caregivers stress
  • Improve overall patient satisfaction

Telehealth can extend seniors’ ability to live vibrant and independent lives after a chronic illness diagnosis. Let’s Talk Interactive is a telehealth provider offering telehealth solutions to the Senior Living community. 

Let’s Talk Interactive’s Telehealth Platform offers a Telehealth Solution which is regarded as the most advanced HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine platform available on the market today. Contact them today for a free needs-based assessment.

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