Is It Time To Hire A Virtual CFO?

It is not uncommon where small business owners reach a point in their company’s lifecycle where managing the financial side of the business becomes overwhelming. If this occurs, then it may be time to add a virtual CFO to your business.

A Virtual CFO can help a business with:

  • Day-to-day financial management
  • Interpretation of financial data
  • Plan capital acquisition strategies
  • Liaison between the company & the bank
  • Help negotiate any loans
  • Analyze mergers & acquisition opportunities
  • Maintain adequate internal controls
  • Implement cash management practices
  • Budgeting & cash forecasting
  • Financial performance analysis

Hiring a full-time CFO represents a major financial commitment to your company’s payroll. ZipRecruiter stated that the average CFO salary is $125, 273 per year. Most small businesses cannot afford a CFO full-time salary. Outsourced CFOs offer an alternative to full-time CFOs without the hefty price tag. 

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