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Tips On Avoiding a Hair Disaster This Winter

Winter is a time for hot cocoa, comfy sweaters, and dry hair. While two of those things sound quite appealing, dry hair does not. Hair maintenance is key during the winter months in order to keep your hair feeling and looking healthy and frizz-free. Whether you do your hair yourself or visit a salon on a regular basis, these winter hair care tips will help your hair thrive.

Unfortunately, cold weather makes it difficult for your hair to get the amount of moisture it normally does. By switching to an oil-based moisturizer, you’ll be able to provide your hair with the extra moisture it often doesn’t get in the winter months. When you use an oil-based moisturizer, it will evaporate more slowly, which in turn will protect your hair.

Another easy way to replenish moisture is to do weekly treatments. Whether they’re at home or at the salon, a moisturizing treatment can do wonders for your dry, brittle hair. Additionally, hydrating your hair overnight with an oil or serum will help your hair stay hydrated in the dry night air.

Don’t you just hate when you pull on your favorite sweater, only to find your hair a mess of static-induced strands? While the old dryer sheet trick may work, floating, fine strands of hair are a key sign of dryness. By simply swapping the dryer sheet for a leave-in conditioner, you’ll be giving your hair a healthier, more permanent solution to dryness.

Since your hair is already suffering from dryness, it may be a good idea to put a hold on the heat tools. The dryness of your hair plus the heat from your styling tools will result in serious breakage. If you must use heat, you should ensure you’re using sufficient heat protection along with a good leave-in conditioner. But if you do decide to forego the heat, try experimenting with braids, buns, and ponytails to still have some flair to your hairstyle.

Even though applying heat to your hair may not be the best idea during the winter, you also shouldn’t be going out in the cold with damp hair. Dashing through the snow with wet hair will cause it to expand, break, and your hair color will fade. In fact, your hair can expand up to 30% more than it’s original length when it’s wet. Because of this, you should ensure you give your hair enough time to dry before leaving the house.

Beanies may be your best friend during the cold months, but they are your hair’s worst nightmare. Sad to say, but wool. cotton, and other coarse fabrics can cause breakage. In order to protect your hair, you should either line your hats with silk or satin or even wrap your hair in a silk scarf prior to hat placement. Not only will this protect your hair, but it will help avoid the dreaded “hat hair”.

Whether you spend hours on your hair or just a few minutes, daily hair care is key to keeping your hair healthy and strong. A quick trip to the salon will provide you will the tools and products you need to keep your hair looking as beautiful as always this winter.

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