Trending Hair Colors and Styles 2018

Michael Delano thumbnail Michael Delano | February 8, 2018

After the beginning of the year, many people choose to change their hair. Whether it’s just to get a fresh start or to stick to a new year’s resolution, it’s important to know what’s in style right now. Because of that, we’ve compiled a list of a few of the trendiest cuts and colors for 2018 to help you choose your new hairdo.

Softly Contrasting Roots: One of the most popular trends experts are already seeing is having brown or dark roots that fade into a lighter blonde color. This look is not only pretty, but it allows wearers to naturally grow out their darker roots with little maintenance.

Bangs and Bobs:
Bangs are definitely making a comeback, especially curtain bangs, which are a bit longer and are separated in the center. They’re often paired with chin-length hair cuts. There is so much that can be done with this style and 2018 is sure to see a wide variety of personalized looks.

Auburn and Caramel: For those people who aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into a fully different hair color, these colors are for you. Auburn and caramel can be used in highlights, lowlights, or a full-head tint. These hair colors can be more natural than others, especially when placed to gently frame the face.

A Mix of Natural and Fun: Sometimes people aren’t really sure what they want. They can go back and forth between staying natural and adding a pop of color. Well luckily, they can do both. Two-tone looks are definitely in style, featuring a natural color mixed with a fashion color to create a unique look.

Long Pixies: While 2017 featured people shaving their heads, sporting buzz cuts, or showing off a short, choppy pixie cut, this year is expected to have a lot of long pixies. Long pixies, especially those longer with more layers on top, can be styled in various ways.

Subtle Ombre: Long gone are the days of drastic ombre styles. Now, experts are seeing more subtle ombre. With a seamless transition, this style features a dark color on top with only a slightly lighter color on the bottom.

So if you plan on being one of the 100 million Americans who visit salons every month, consider one of these hair colors or cuts. An experienced hairdresser will be able to tweak the style or color to fit your personal style, face shape, or skin tone. But regardless of what color or cut you choose, try something new with your hair this year.

Originally seen at Christie Adam Salon.

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