When to Replace Your Windows

Michael Delano thumbnail Michael Delano | February 28, 2023

If you live in Northern VA you’ve probably heard one of those commercials offering great deals on new windows…I mean, they’re played every other hour on the news, TV and Radio. 😉 That being said, windows play an important role in a home’s comfort levels and energy performance. If they are damaged or outdated, they won’t work effectively. And when this happens, it is high time you consider replacing them.

It goes without saying that windows don’t suddenly get less energy-efficient. This happens slowly over a few months or even years. 

So how can you know they are not efficient and requires replacement? According to realtors in Houston, TX, there are key signs that show you need to replace your windows. Some of these signs are:

1.     High Energy Bills

Inefficient or old windows may have a great impact on the insulation of your home and might result in higher energy bills. When more heat escapes your home, you can use a heater to compensate for it. The same holds true when using an AC.

You may check this by simply standing near your windows and determining whether it feels cool. If the glasses are cold, then it is likely the energy is being wasted.

In addition, you can check the gaps in the window frames. Older windows are usually single-paned and vulnerable to leaks. In such a case, it will be a great idea to buy double glazing with LoE (low-emissivity) glass and argon gas so as to minimize heat loss.

2.     When They Don’t Open

If the windows stick when opening them or even fail to open completely, then it will be time to replace them with new ones.

Windows may get stuck for several reasons. There might be tight springs, a problem with your roller system, or an accumulation of dust. 

And if the old windows are made of materials like aluminum, they may swell when there is a temperature change.

3.     Outdoor Noise

Do your windows let in unwanted noise? Outside noises may keep you up the whole night, and it will be worth it to compromise.

Whether it is barking dogs, neighbor mowing their lawn, airplanes flying over, or traffic, replacing the windows will help minimize noise transmission and enhance sound performance.

Although a completely soundproof window doesn’t exist, a few factors help windows minimize noise. For instance, more panes of different glass thicknesses can help to dampen sounds at varying frequencies.

Proper air installation and insulation of your window frames may also boost sound resistance. If quiet and peace is all you want, replace the existing windows with a noise-resistant option.

4.     Visible Damages

Windows endure a lot. That means you are going to see wear and tear over time. Scuffs and general markets are basically nothing to worry about.

But if window frames are cracked or rotting, they will need to be replaced as they may cause serious damage to a home. For instance, dampness and mold may form when your windows are cracked.

In a Nutshell!

Older windows can sometimes be in pristine condition, but they might be out of style. Well, that can be a problem if you want to keep up with the Joneses.

In addition, such windows can be a security concern. Wooden and older window frames with traditional glass panes make an easy entry point for invaders. This is why it is important to consider replacing outdated windows with dated ones.

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